A show for audiences of 7 years old and over. Length  55 minutes


 Barbara Mélois’ shows weave a magical canvas where everyday life becomes  a fairy tale, where the most prosaic materials change into dreams, monsters and marvels.

In an open space evoking the corporate universe, fiction is created around a paper shredder.  Crumpled pieces of paper spill out of waste bins.  Manipulated, torn, and lit up, they are transformed under the eyes of the audience into a singular and fantastic cosmogony peopled by heroes made of ephemeral paper.

Blending the sublime with the ridiculous, Barbara Mélois evokes Don Quixote, The Yeti, Scarlett Johansson or Little Red Riding Hood in a joyous mixture of classical and popular culture.  She becomes a demiurge and leads us into a poetic and illusive world of shadows and paper.

Esquisses by Barbara Mélois, one of the many shows presented at the Festival, is one of these: a show which brings a moment of incredible grace, gripping the heart as it does with a magma of emotions from which it is impossible to break free, and which haunts the brain for a very, very long time, with persistent and uncontrollable echoes, as if inhabited by a force which refuses to close the door on enchantment.    L’Humanité

Written and interpreted by Barbara Mélois
 Light engineer:  Estelle Baggs 
Assistant director:  Clémentine Mélois
"Tricks of the trade” and machinery:  Bernard Mélois
“External eye”, voice-over:  Philippe Rodriguez Jorda

 Created at the 18th World Festival of Puppet Theater, Charleville 2015.
With the support of the International Institute of Puppetry/ Champagne –Ardenne region
within a “ Creation- compagnonnage” residency.